What Fantastic Cinnamon Buns to Make

What Fantastic Cinnamon Buns to Make

Oooey gooey cinnamon rolls have to be one of the top favourite desserts out there, I mean, who can resist them, right?! Why not try out this amazing recipe from Beth, What Fantastic Cinnamon Buns to Make! Just the scent of cinnamon in anything is so AMAZING, it is just one of those super comforting scents that just makes people feel so at home. Especially in the fall and at Christmas time, when Beth says that she makes these! You can always buy your cinnamon rolls at a bakery or at the grocery store, you can even but pre made dough for them in the refrigerated section, but there is something about making them at home, fresh, that is so much better!

This recipe does have a secret however, the cinnamon bun is not actually a cinnamon bun at all. Before you get disappointed, this is actually what makes them way easier to make! They are actually cubed up cinnamon raisin bread that you can find at your grocery store. You can also find a bread that doesn't have raisins in it if you or someone in your family doesn't like raisins. Or you can pre make your own loaf if you are picky about having everything from scratch. But if you like easy recipes, then this is a good way to go, especially for Christmas morning, when you need something to eat right away! These sit over night in the fridge and then, they are ready to go into the oven right when you get up in the morning! All you have to do is decorate them with the nice, cream cheese icing when they are done. Doesn't that sound so easy?!

Cinnamon rolls have been around for a long time, and are a Swedish recipe by origin. People in the past would make them as a sweet bread, for a dessert, using a bread dough recipe, since bread was always so cheap and filling. Bread is one of those food items that has been around for a very long time and has always been a part of make cultures around the world. There are so many ways to make bread, and so many traditional recipes that have been passed around form person to person. Bread is so simple to make as well, which is why they it so great, and same with cinnamon rolls, they are basically just a bread dough, that is rolled up with a cinnamon sugar spread and then either left as a sticky bun, or topped with cream cheese icing! This recipe even shows you how to make your very own cream cheese frosting, with butter, cream cheese, cream, sugar and vanilla. It looks like a really great recipe. These would be so lovely to make for Christmas morning, or any morning for that matter. It's always nice to have quick and effortless recipes in your archives, like this recipe. Everyone at the breakfast table will probably think that you spent so much time making these yummy cinnamon buns. But, unless you told them, they wouldn't know the wiser, that they are made up of cut up bread and a cream and egg mixture. Can you just imagine, how much everyone would love them? They will be asking for the recipe, but that is your choice whether or not to give away the secret. The recipe is shown to us through Beth's YouTube page, where she shares a lot of great recipes. You can follow along with the video, through the whole entire process. It would totally be like having someone right there, teaching you how to make these awesome and easy cinnamon buns. Try out this awesome recipe soon! Check out this video and more!

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