What an adorable Pink HOUSE! Poco Pink! Spacious inside too!

What an adorable Pink HOUSE! Poco Pink! Spacious inside too!

Many people around the world are looking into and building tiny houses, from hand built strawbale homes, cob cottages, dome homes, yurts, tiny log cabins, tiny houses on wheels and gypsy wagons to name a few. "What an adorable Pink HOUSE! Poco Pink! Spacious inside too!" is just another example of the types of tiny homes you will find.

This tiny house in pink is an adorable place to live, it is pink on the outside and inside very appealing too. The company that built this tiny house, uses the same specification of a traditional home, using the conventional 2 x 4 structure, which allows them to use the same appliances as a standard home, which makes this tiny house even more liveable..The unique touches in the space make it feel comfortable. The Poco Pink tiny house is built on an 18 foot trailer, the space is 160 square feet, has lots of windows and high ceilings to make the interior look bright, cheery and airy. The strategically placed loft shelves offer innovative storage, and appeal.

Inside the cute breakfast nook can be folded down, to later offer more space in the living area. The full sized kitchen in this tiny house has modern appliances and lots of storage. The tiny house kitchen has lots of electrical outlets and counter space, allowing the owner to have the room for other kitchen appliances too. The use of wood throughout makes the space feel modern, along with the white kitchen cabinets. Next to the kitchen is a nice sized bathroom, with stand up shower. An open loft bedroom, can be easily accessed by a ladder, and frees up space below. There are plenty of photos of this inspiring tiny house space on the site.

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