What a View!!!

What a View!!!

These "Endémico Cabin Hotels" offer the most amazing mountain and scenic views, from their hillside location. The tiny cabins are staggered among boulders on a secluded hill in the wine growing region of Valle de Guadalupe, these luxury cabins bring guests into direct contact with nature.

The modern tiny cabins blend in seamlessly with their surrounding landscape, with expansive stunning views of the mountains and fertile wine growing soils. Endémico, the Spanish word for endemic, means native to a specific region or environment, were designed to highlight the isolation of the desert, showcasing the area’s indigenous qualities – something owners Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha planned to emphasize. The tiny cabins are located just one and a half hours from San Diego, California, with a unique landscape that is home to some of Mexico’s largest wineries and offers a blend of Mexican culture and artisanal wine activity. To make tiny house hotel’s location even better, the property was designed by a hand selected local team, who worked in collaboration with Gracia Studio to give it a distinct ambience.

Each of the 20 modern luxury cabins have beautiful unobstructed views of the valley and the mountains in the background. On the private wooden terraces of each luxury tiny cabin, guests have the pleasure of siting under a blanket of stars and sipping on regional wines while being warmed by a blazing fire nearby. The tiny cabins are minimal and understated in design, but have modern touches and comforts that have not been overlooked. The interiors of the tiny cabins are monochromatic and with a simple selection of furnishings, they provide a very comfortable space for relaxation on a retreat. There is also a pool where guests can soak up the calming atmosphere, while gazing out over the vast expanse of space. The location may be remote, but there is also an onsite restaurant and bar to ensure every comfort is met.

These tiny cabins may be small, but offer all the space you need to enjoy one of the best vacations you can imagine. Inside the simple interiors feel modern and uncluttered, with views from the windows of the amazing scenery. The outside patio views are spectacular, and will provide you with countless hours of relaxing enjoyment.

This site is a great place to find original tiny house vacation rentals all over the world. Whether you like tiny house spaces or not, it doesn't matter, as you will find some of the most unique and fun places to stay in. You can stay in an Airstream on a working farm, where you will get to milk the goats and enjoy your views of the goats. Some of the other unique tiny house vacation rentals you will find on the site include; a lakeside dollhouse, where you can stay in a 1920 cottage on a private peninsula next to New York state's Lakeside park in Orleans county, just an hour away from Niagara Falls, and two hours away from Toronto; Oceanfront tiny hammock cottage, this tiny house development sits on the ocean, with 12 new cottages available, you can drink your cup of coffee in the morning as you watch the dolphins playing directly in front of their large deck. The coffee house is organic, has vegan and burgers, in the best little surf town in the United States; The old bike shed, is just one of three places you can stay at Brechfa Forest Barns, these tiny cottages are furnished, and sit atop the mountainside with views of the countryside.

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