What A Perfect Tiny Home On Wheels! And The Best Part? It Won't Even Drain Your Pockets!

What A Perfect Tiny Home On Wheels! And The Best Part? It Won't Even Drain Your Pockets!

Would you like to own your own house but don't think you have enough to buy or mortgage one? Look no further than this Cute Little Home on Wheels!

Of course, you would have to be comfortable with living in a 200 square foot house with a loft as your sleeping quarters, but for just as much as a vehicle costs you could be living in your very own home, rent free, mortgage free and best of all debt free! It sounds pretty enticing doesn't it? It really isn't that bad to have a smaller space, smaller space means you accumulate less stuff and have more money to put toward doing the things you love and maybe even working less hours because you don't have to pay off a huge debt or mortgage. It even has a full fridge and gas stove, shower, composting toilet and hot water tank with hot water on demand.

There are lots of smaller windows letting in ample light on all four sides, and it has beautiful little details all over. You have everything you need and space to move around; there will probably be ample storage space as there usually is in these small homes because the design is so important and utilizing the space well is key. That is why the bed is in the loft, to help save space. Its on wheels as well, so you can tow it to anyplace you want to live which is awesome for the nomadic type of person. No need to pack or move boxes or find a new place to live, just hitch it onto your vehicle that is capable of towing it, and away you go!

If you are looking for a tiny home, or even just for some inspiration head over to Tiny House Listings' by following the link in the description below for more!

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