We're pretty much Obsessed with this Stunning Farmhouse Table Setup

We're pretty much Obsessed with this Stunning Farmhouse Table Setup

Sometimes you come across an article or a photo, that captures both your imagination and has you daydreaming all day. The following story does exactly that,"We're pretty much obsessed with this stunning farmhouse table setup."

Erin Benzakein of Floret Flower farm is definitely inspiring a whole new generation of florist farmers with her hands on workshops on her beautiful three acre farm in Washington's lovely Skagit Valley (I've been to this area, and it is truly beautiful). After Benzakein left Seattle looking for a slower more intentional way of life, she found both a home and a new career path. After her great grandmother passed away she planted a double row of sweet peas in her vegetable garden in tribute to the flower loving matriarch. The sweet peas grew in such abundance, she started to pick and share bundles with everyone she knew. Since then, eight years and a flower business grew out of that garden.

Floret Flower Farm provides arrangements for weddings and events, and the flowers are carried at local Whole Foods stores. Benzakein is also sharing her flower growing wisdom with workshops several times a year, for people hoping to get inspiration from her organic design style and to get a glimpse of her running small flower farm. People attend the flower workshops from all over the world (Brazil, Thailand, and England) you don't need to have a large property or fancy farm equipment to be a flower farmer Erin shares, you can achieve the job with drive and creativity. With a field full of dahlias, that are picked and loaded into the back of an old pickup truck, life is grand. You'll find lots of photos of this story and plenty more inspiring photos and ideas on this great site.

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