We're Of Two Of A Kind: Mom and Daughter Come Together and Keep Things Fun, Simple, and Easy, On The Road!

We're Of Two Of A Kind: Mom and Daughter Come Together and Keep Things Fun, Simple, and Easy, On The Road!

If we had the choice, would we live with our parents? And what would it be like if we shared only one common space? A tiny space, cramped living quarters where privacywhat privacy? What is yours is theirs and vice versa? Talk about really being in each other's face! So, what would it be like? Who would be the authoritative figure? Make the rules? Run the show? Would you still have a curfew? Would your parent be your roommate and would you share expenses? Or would you use the parent-child card and take advantage of being 'taken care of'. I suppose there are any ways of going about such living arrangement. But these two did it. Meet Candice and her mother, Baoying. They've managed to find themselves just the right situation and from the looks of it, are having the times of their lives while saving costs, being mobile, and enjoying each other's company! Nice!

Its funny because most of us go through our adolescent lives itching to get out on our own, away from the parents, away from the tight rules and regulations that we seem to feel ruin our years of socializing, partying, dating, oh the list could go on and on. But this being said, I think the majority of us can agree that once we are out of the house and on our own, well, we start to really appreciate how much our parents really did for us growing up. I know that I'm experiencing this very 'realization' as I find myself looking at not only my first real estate investment, but also as I think about my future as soon-to-be-Mom. I want my father around. Who else is going to be there to help take care of my little one while I'm working and seeing clients? I'd much rather have him than a live in nanny! :) These are the realities of modern day living and family units, and I think its absolutely fabulous.

Go on and check out what these two did at the Tiny House Talk link just below. It'll definitely give you some ideas and maybe even get you thinking again that having your parents or in-laws around close by, or even together with you, isn't so bad after all. Cheers. Enjoy.

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