Weekend Retreat Log Cabin for $29,454

Weekend Retreat Log Cabin for $29,454

My boyfriend grew up in the country, and although we currently live together in the city, I can see how he longs to have a Weekend Retreat or Log Cabin to escape the city. I would hear him talking to his friends and how they would go camping in the tents by the river to get back to nature for a brief escape. I knew it was a dream of his and I came across an Amish Cabin Company that could build affordable log homes earlier in the year. As I was in charge of the finances, I started squirreling away funds without my mans knowledge to prepare a nest egg for a "second dream home". I fell in love with the deluxe finishings of the log home advertised for $29,454 but knew with some adjustments, we could have it for even cheaper. It wasn't going to be our main house, but a weekend retreat, so we could afford to go without some deluxe features (you can even install a jacuzzi tub!)

I finally settled on a price, and the construction began. Now I thought it was going to take months and months to build a log home, but the log cabin building was completed in a matter of weeks! Now I had to set up the perfect surprise, with a bit of help from his friends, we managed to persuade him into a camping trip and they "got lost" and ended up at the cabin I had bought for us. Almost 400 sq. feet and an extra loft for storage or friends to sleepover, all nestled in the woods close to a lake for fishing. Once the surprise was revealed, my boyfriend had tears in his eyes and looked like he was so happy he would cry. As I was basking in my cleverness, he turned to me and told me a story of how he wanted to buy a cabin, but was secretly saving for a ring to propose to me and he couldn't believe I had managed to hide this from him

Now we plan to enjoy our cabin with out future family as a mister and misses!

If you have always dreamed of a deluxe cabin in the woods, Amish Cabin Company can make this dream come true, and it all starts by clicking the link below!

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