We Bet You’ll Fall In Love With This Adorable Little Retreat Instantly…

We Bet You’ll Fall In Love With This Adorable Little Retreat Instantly…

Investing your money on a tiny house is a wise investment. You can’t go wrong, putting your money on something that you and your family can benefit short and long term from. Like this little sweet retreat house that we’re featuring today. We all know how houses are. You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to own a vacation home. There are lots of small houses out there that would certainly be within a budget, offering a place you do not need to sacrifice the quality of the space or even the location of the house.

You will often find some reasonably priced retreat houses in the countryside. It’s also a good place to own one since it’s just ideal that you spend some time away from your usual scene, especially if you live in the city. It is tiring and monotonous to always deal with the chaos that a busy city street life always gives you. Once in a while, it’s good to experience nature and fresh air. And just your luck, because this small retreat house is for sale for only $39,000. It is located in Readstown, Wisconsin, USA.

The size is 240 Sq. Ft. and it comes with one bedroom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a bathroom available for you to shower or use the toilet. But you could always build one outside it. This isn’t exactly ideal for residential purposes. It was built for people who are looking for a vacation home away from home. An Amish owns it and have finally decided to make it available on the market. The Amish community has a lot of excellent woodworkers, so you can assume that this house is sturdy and could last for years.

This property is also ideal for hunters. If you’re looking for a private home or a small space where you could do your hunting, then you have got to check this out. This is not a mobile home that you could take anywhere you want, but it’s not a problem because deer can be found in the area just near the Kickapoo River. If you are traveling from Richland Center, it is best that you go West on Highway 14, which is 22 miles away and when you’re about to reach Readstown, you just turn right on Holcomb road. Next is to drive about half a mile to the top of the hill that will make you turn left on McCarty road. From there, drive one more mile and look for the sign Fire # E 10316. Follow these directions carefully and you’ll see the spot in no time.

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