Watch This Amazing Time Lapse of a Log Home Being Built

Watch This Amazing Time Lapse of a Log Home Being Built

If you are interested in watching some log house construction, then for sure take a few moments to watch This Amazing Time Lapse of a Log Home Being Built. Log houses are just amazing in all regards. They are built with some of the finest materials known to man kind, and they are incredibly durable and also beautiful at the same time. Many people purchase or building log homes because of the longevity they can offer as well as the sustainability they offer as well. Log homes can stand for hundreds of years, in fact there are some log houses and churches that have been standing for over 500 years in Sweden. Isn't that incredible? Most conventionally built houses built with stick framing last maybe a hundred or two hundred years if they are kept properly and maintained regularly. The log homes that are built these days are usually treated to be resistant to mold and bugs, but they still have to be maintained and refinished every few years. Log houses are also quite sustainable because the logs that are used in the log house construction process are all sustainably farmed. Trees that are used for their wood are farmed in sustainable tree plantations. The use of the trees is strictly monitored and no tree or part of a tree goes to waste. Since trees are able to be grown again and again, they are a very practical renewable resource for making houses, furniture and other goods.

Yellowstone Log Homes shares this great log home building video with us to show off the log house construction process of one of their log home models. The model being built in this video from YouTube is from their collection of log house floor plans, and it is called the Little Bear plan. The plan is customized to the clients desires and needs so each plan can be a little bit different. This particular project was built in Colorado, where a log home would fit right into the mountainous landscape. Usually this is where we see log homes and cabins the most, is out in nature surrounded by forest. This log home building project was no different. It is situated in the middle of a clearing in the forest, with trees and native plants encircling it. What a gorgeous site to build on. If you have never see the process of log home building before, seeing the time lapse video will be very interesting for you to watch. You can see the log house construction process from start to finish and see just how much work goes into building these beautiful structures. This particular log house is built on a cement foundation, with a stick framed walk out basement. The logs are then incorporated on top of the basement area, stacked perfectly and precisely so that there are no gaps or spaces between the logs.

This time lapse video really gives us an appreciation for how much work goes into building one of these gorgeous log cabins. Even though the video is only 4 or 5 minutes long, this build probably took many days of working on this house. You can see that with larger builds like this one, there needs to be some heavy machinery involved for some of it. Crane type machines lift the logs to where they need to go because they are so high up and so heavy. Log home crafting is a very hard job, so it takes a person who really loves it to do this job. Check out the time lapse video and see for yourself just how much amazing work goes into building a large, luxury log house.*

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