Warning: You Might Become Obsessed with This House

Warning: You Might Become Obsessed with This House

You will want to take a look at this Surrey Oak Frame Cottage. A tiny cottage located in Surrey, the UK that is made with oak framing, and built by Border Oak. This tiny cottage is one of those tiny house designs that you are going to fall in love with. Both the interior and exterior of the tiny cottage don't miss a detail with it's lovely design and location. You will want to take a closer look at this beautiful tiny cottage, every detail in the place is perfection. From the location, the landscaping, to the tiny cottage design. Outside there is a rustic gypsy caravan that sits in the yard. The setting for this English tiny cottage is the English countryside with a tree lined view, fenced in yard with rustic wooden fence, a gravel driveway that matches the light exterior brick and possibly gray stucco, wood framed tiny cottage. Beautiful. Then you step inside to a tiny cottage design that will take your breath away. The two storey tiny cottage has an English country kitchen with antique white cabinets, a country antique white stove/oven and oak lined walls. Everywhere you look you feel inspired by the quaint and country feel that has been achieved in the details. The oak lined walls add so much character and charm to this tiny cottage. It's a nice look achieved by the builder Border Oak.

Small House Swoon is all about tiny houses, featuring some of the unique and lovely tiny homes from all over the world. There have never been so many small house designs, plans, styles and sizes to choose from, and that's not surprising, because what these tiny house spaces lack in size they make up for in design and charm. Who says the size of your house matters? It's how you decorate it that counts! On this small house site, you will find all sorts of tiny house inspirations and ideas. The site has all sorts of unique tiny house photos, ideas, designs, and styles you will enjoy looking at. Tiny houses with names like the High Plains tiny house, Birchwood tiny house, The Treehouse by Baumbraum, Amalfi tiny house living and Koleliba tiny house. You'll see a New Mexico strawbale house, campers, Liberation tiny house and more. You can't help leaving the site and feeling inspired, just a little bit.

There is something unique and special about small house living. Because of their smaller size, tiny houses and small house designs can be used for a wide variety of uses from pottery studios, writers cabins, playhouses for the kids, backyard space for the kids or even a unique guests house. You might be surprised at just how beautiful some of these small house designs can be, what they might lack for in size they certainly make up for in design and style features. If you consider building a tiny house, the money that you save in the cost of materials can go towards making your small house more appealing. You might put the money you save from building a small house into modern appliances, or maybe you want to use some beautiful stone or reclaimed barn wood in your tiny house, the choice is yours to decide. You will find more tiny house resources than ever before, with all sorts of ideas and inspirations on fun things to do with your tiny house. A tiny house might be something to consider if you currently don't have enough room in your house; you might take a look at some of the great tiny house designs out there.

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