Walnut Creek Log Home for JUST $31,000!

Walnut Creek Log Home for JUST $31,000!

It all starts with a dream, and a Walnut Creek Log Home for JUST $31,000! After that, everything is history, generations and generations of history. Times to look back on when you're old and grey when you're no longer visiting the cabin every weekend, but instead you're dreaming of it every moment. The memories you make today will last a lifetime.

During a time in which we are all caught up with the business of city life and the latest electronics, it seems more necessary than ever to have a family retreat. Far enough away that you get a break from those that you want to have a break from that won't follow you there every weekend, but not too far that the kids won't come as teenagers. These are the things we weigh as we search for the perfect piece of land to place the Walnut Creek Log Home. It's often said that planning a vacation can be half the fun to actually going on the vacation; this is true of building your weekend retreat as well. The time you spend planning can be enjoyable, everyone involved will have an opinion and from there you can work to make your cabin in the woods an exceptional rustic retreat.

The Walnut Creek floor plan is just shy of 600 square feet on one floor, and every little bit of this space is well thought out and the build itself will be structurally sound and intended to last. As you drive up to your cabin, you'll be welcomed by the charm of the front porch which is adorned with a couple of vintage Adirondack chairs which were rescued from Bob & Martha down the road. You're reminded that if this life was good enough for Bob & Martha it's good enough for you. Bob & Martha's home exuded the genuine love & hope of years and years of family and friends coming and going. These Adirondack chairs perched on your deck are a reminder of all things good in this lifetime.

Stepping in through the front door you're welcomed by a great room design that consists of a large, comfortable living space and the kitchen. The living space is immense at almost 20' by 12' and being open to the kitchen you'll feel as though you really are in the heart of the home. The bedroom at the back of the home even has the added luxury of a walk-in closet. Throughout the home, you'll find that natural light floods through as the design uses many windows.

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