View from Schafberg Mountain

View from Schafberg Mountain

You'll want to take a look at this video of the View from Schafberg Mountain, near Sankt Wolfgang in Austria. This beautiful mountain peak has 360-degree panoramic views of the lakes (Attersee, Wolgangsee, Fuschlee und Mondsee, and 13 other lakes), the Salzkammergut mountains, along with being a hotel site. This stunning video found on Youtube will transport you to another place, and have you imagining what life would be like if you were only there. This stunning location in Austria is out of this world. The endless mountain scenery is something you want to see if you ever have the chance, the lakes below are breathtaking. The video was shot on a perfect day, with lots of sun glimmering off the water below. You can see mountains for days, and hues of blues and greens, with a mix of mountains, lakes, forest and blue skies.

Could you imagine living in a little log cabin somewhere in this Austrian location? Where on a daily basis you were surrounded by beautiful views like this? This is the ultimate mountain location. It would be nice to spend time here to paint, write or just go on hikes every day. Years ago I had the chance to go to Austria, and we stayed in a beautiful mountainside log chalet, with similar mountain views there's nothing quite like the beauty of Austria. While in Austria, we managed to visit the beautiful city of Salzburg. Salzburg, also known as Old Town, is popular for its baroque architecture and has one of the best-preserved city centers located north of the Alp mountains. Salzburg has three universities, with many students living there. It is also a location that has many palaces, and a historic city center. Salzburg is the birthplace of the famous 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and was the location for the famous musical movie The Sound of Music. When you think of Austria, you think of log cabins and log chalets. Mountains and log cabins just seem to go together, that is probably why we associate the two with snow covered trees, stone fireplaces, skiing, and snowboarding. These locations have coniferous trees that are popular for log home and log cabin building.

Log homes and log cabins have been around it seems since the beginning of time. But seriously they have been a type of dwelling that have dotted some locations in the world, for thousands of years. Originally built from trees that are native to the area they sit, along with the river stone and stones that are found in the area, they have a certain rustic charm and appeal like no other home you will find. They can tell the history of the area, told the stories of the people who have lived in the log homes, and the log cabins that are fortunate to be still standing. It doesn't matter how modern, or extensive log cabin building has become, there will always be a place for the rustic log cabins wherever they sit in the world, they hold a key to our past that we love to know about.

Log homes and log cabins are especially popular in areas like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic States. This is because these areas have lots of straight and tall coniferous trees like pine trees and spruce trees, that are well suited to building log homes and log cabins. Log cabin builds and log home builds will always be a favorite of home builders, for their rustic appealing style and long lasting comfort.

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