Versatile Prefab Passion House Snaps Together in Just Two Days

Versatile Prefab Passion House Snaps Together in Just Two Days

If you still have yet to check out the "Inhabitat" website, then you are missing out! The authors of this site do a great job at gathering all sorts of great designs and images from around the web, focusing on a sustainable and eco-friendly philosophy. They have different categories like architecture, interiors, technology, energy, transportation, fashion, art, a kids section and much more. So there is something for everyone on this site. Their Facebook page currently has more than 1,000,000 subscribers, which means they are clearly a popular choice on the market for everything eco related. Once you start browsing, be prepared to spend a lot of time clicking through the articles, because there are many fascinating, and interesting products and designs featured.

Now you may have heard of the latest trend with tiny homes, and for good reason, they are ultra practical in many respects. They are affordable housing options that are eco friendly, and simple to erect. But have you ever heard of a house that literally snaps together? Well that's how you assemble this versatile prefab passion house called the M1, it is the smallest in this series of modular homes, but comes with everything you need including furnishings.

Upgrades on this design include more space, and a sauna if desired. These homes were designed by Architect 11 group, and are visually stunning. In addition, it's built specifically for northern climates and is capable of withstanding a heavy snow load so you can enjoy this home through all the seasons. Although there is no air conditioning, it is equipped with a passive ventilation system and a solar shading system that ensure you are kept cool in the heat of the summer. During the months when you need some heat, they have you covered with solar heating.

If you're interested in more on this cool home, go ahead and checkout the site at the "Inhabitat" website!

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