Useless useless box

Useless useless box

You can build this useless, useless box yourself provided you have some spare time on your hands and a working knowledge of Dutch. Actually, scratch that, you can probably just figure out how to build this thing by looking at the pictures, and if not, theres always Google translate.

Heres a riddle: whats square, useless, has four walls and is made of panels? Stumped? Okay, Ill just tell you: the answer is this box. Without further ado, heres a list of things that you can store in the box: jewelry, books, candles, rocks, cutlery, an ashtray, fine china, beer, paper, beach towels, throw pillows, a very small monkey, aged and cured meat products, contraband, a smaller box, a deflated exercise ball, sand, VHS tapes, the fossilized bones of a caveman.

The possibilities are limitless. Actually, thats not entirely true, the possibilities are limited to things small enough to fit inside the box. In the grand scheme of things, thats only like ten percent of all things in existence, including marbles, toy cars, a cat, light bulbs, your collection of dried moths, movie posters that have been folded several times, shoes, socks, VHS tapes, a small amount of concrete, a set of keys, microscopes, alcohol, a 1988 Commodore Amiga 500 16 bit computer with monitor and floppy drive, dirt, VHS tapes, and silverware.

I recommend that you visit the Instructables site for Dutch language instructions on how to build this useless, useless box. Its extremely easy and a great way to kill an afternoon. Once you have it built, you can store within it some of the things listed above. In addition, the box would make a good conversation piece for your living room. It goes great with Ikea furniture, and its the perfect place to store your old VHS tapes. Click the link below and visit Instructables, youll be glad you did.

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