UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam’s Unusual Sleeping Pod 4

UrbanCampsiteAmsterdam’s Unusual Sleeping Pod 4

Camping out is such an awesome experience, so are the structures you can go camping in. Check out this fabulous Urban Campsite Amsterdam’s Unusual Sleeping Pod 4! Tents are great, they are like a turtle shell, a home that you can bring with you wherever you go, perfect for the adventurous and the nomadic people out there! This camping structure exhibition shows that there are tons of tiny house structures that can make for the perfect place to call home for anyone who wants to embrace tiny house living on the go. People are quickly realizing that they want to live simpler lives and do what makes them happy, instead of following the consumerist game and trying to fulfill themselves with meaningless things. People are seeing that it's not what you have, its what you build your life around and who you are as a person that makes life fulfilling, not all of the accumulated stuff you own. It's wonderful to see that people are making their way back to a simpler lifestyle, living more meaningful lives. We all could stand to get rid of more than half of the stuff we own. So this is the cleansing process that people go through on their journeys back to simplicity. It is a very freeing and liberating thing to do and when you are finished you just feel so free!

Designer Francis Nijenhuis and economist Annette van Driel, decided to make an exhibition that showcases different concepts for living. They invited different designers to create 14 structures that showcase smaller living arrangements, that can be moved. What came out of the artists and designers is incredible! Out in the desert, there are some beautiful if small, little tiny homes, that show people that tiny house living can be very artistic, as well as liberating.

When people decide to move to tiny house living, they get rid of the stuff that no longer holds any meaning to them, and they begin to focus more energy on the things that really do matter. Like family, friends, making memories, focusing on passions and dreams. This way of life is totally much easier to achieve when we don't have massive bills to pay and are always going out seeking the next thing that we think will make us happy. Tiny house living is all about coming back to a way of life that is a testament to how we are reviewing our values as a society. People need more affordable solutions and this is the way to go for that. With the housing prices as high as they are, it is becoming less possible for people to buy a large house that was once known as the "American Dream". Now people are realizing that that is not necessary to live a fulfilled life.

These structures are just fabulous! They break the conventional rules of what a house should or shouldn't look like and they are totally a creative expression. The red one is amazing and takes the inspiration from a tipi, with a modern twist. Then there is the amazing looking and funky "BEDBUG", made up of what looks to be scrap materials, it looks like an iridescent beetle! Then there is the Refunc, which was actually made from construction wrap and rebar for a super artistic look. The elevated Universe 7 structure looks like a ginormous disco ball, perhaps something you could find at Burning Man Festival, and the sphere can actually rotate with the sun! I love the camping tent like structure made out of a recycled trampoline for the roof. Underneath, are rugs and pillows making a lounge space for after you are all bounced out on the trampoline. Check out more of these amazing artistic pieces!

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