Unusual Log House Designs

Unusual Log House Designs

Having a look at some of these unusual log house designs, you may think you have stepped back in time or into a fairy tale! All of these log houses have something very interesting and unique about them and you will notice it right away. The article itself doesn't have too much to say about who the builders of these spectacular houses are, but from the water mark on the photos, it looks like they might be out of Russia or the Ukraine. You don't tend to see too many intricate homes like this in North America.

I love the way the builder has shaped each of these homes like pieces of art, each seeming to tell a story of it's own. The very first one is a really unusual design especially for a roof! It looks like you are looking at it in one of those fun mirrors from a carnival. It looks purposely warped and skewed like a home out of Alice in Wonderland. I think its rather beautiful, and like I said before, a work of art! Even down to the hand railings, they are all made from the branches of trees which can be hard to do, but keeps with the very natural essence of the home. It is although the designer wants to keep with the natural lines and curves of nature. Trees naturally grow like that so why not houses?

Some of them are quite large too, but they always keep with the natural wood look which gives it another aspect of beauty. The one barrel shaped one is super cute and totally reminds me of something from a fairy tale or a Disney movie. The roundness of the roof and the doorway are just so unique and fun!

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