Unique Log Furniture and Home Decors From Fallen Logs

Unique Log Furniture and Home Decors From Fallen Logs

I used to live in Vancouver, which is a city of expansive beaches, which were always brimming with both locals and tourists. One of the things I liked about the beaches is that whenever a vessel carrying timber at sea lost one of its logs (it happens), those huge logs would eventually get washed up on shore, and the city would arrange them along the beaches as makeshift benches. It's a shame that so many trees are still getting cut down, but it would also be a shame to let a fallen tree go to waste. A fallen tree has a ton of uses - one of which will seem particularly obvious if you own a fireplace.

Tommy Craggs is a man who has found a very creative use for the logs he can get his hands on. With masterful skill and a gravid imagination, Tommy carves intricate and beautiful figures into the wood. Often he creates beautiful benches, carving amazing and intricate designs into them. My personal favourite of his is his large owl bench. It depicts one owl spreading its massive wings across over a dozen others.

This is something you certainly need to see. He seems to me to be one of those artists who enjoys adding clever and playful details to his work, so that the longer you look at one of his marvellous creations, the more you're likely to see. He has a flower throne, and if you look carefully, you'll see little critters peeking out from their hiding places. His lily pad bench is amazing as well, with two big frogs as armrests, and a dragon fly as the back rest. Surely by now you must be at least a little intrigued!

Go have a look at all of his photos on the Good Home Design website below, and see what secrets you can find!

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