Unique Camping Pods

Unique Camping Pods

Camping, baby! Who wants to join? “ “I have one question!” Come on, ask! “What is camping, really? And who started it? Are there different forms of camping? What do we need to have when we go camping?” Whoa, poor fella. Relax. I’ll try to answer those questions. Ok?

Camping is an act of encamping and living in tents in a camp. Participants leave their home to spend more time outdoors. According to Wikipedia, “to be regarded as ‘camping’, a minimum of one night is spent outdoors; distinguishing it from day-tripping, picnicking, and other similarly short-term recreational activities.”

You can live in a tent, caravan, motor-home, or primitive structure. It has become a popular recreational activity since the 20th century. The father of modern camping is Thomas Hiram Holding, a British traveling tailor who crossed the United States in a wagon train with his parents.

With the most basic form of camping, you need to have first aid kit, a tent, sleeping bags or blankets, flashlight, an axe for cutting firewood for campfire, folding chairs, rope, hiking boots, insect repellant, and personal. These are the common things that people bring when going camping. You may add more items when necessary.

There are many forms of camping. Among those is the off-road, backpacking, and adventure camping. The first one is the off-road camping. “This form of camping involves using a powered vehicle as an essential element of the camping experience.”

Another form of camping is the backpacking. This is the favorite of most people because it offers “maximum wilderness experience.” People who involve in this form sometimes go to a remote place. If you want to go backpacking, you may also bring horses and mule. And the last one is the adventure camping. It is adventure camping when people race, possibly adventure racing or mountain biking during the day, and simply camp at night. “They might use the basic items of camping equipment such as a micro-camping stove, sleeping bag, and bivouac bag.”

For others, camping means going someplace in the outdoors, and getting away from their busy lives. Not everyone wants to purchase all the necessary gear needed for a camping trip. They are looking for a more simple solution.

You can opt to stay in a cabin or bungalow which means just getting in the car with minimal hassle and just going!

In York, there is a bunch of unique camping 'pods' available for those that just want to turn up, have fun and relax.

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