Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes: What They Cost!

Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes: What They Cost!

Just because you choose to live in a small home, doesn't mean it is necessarily cheap! Just check out some of these Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes and What They Cost! The tiny house mantra of Living within your means, getting rid of your debt, and doing a job you love, is taking the world by storm. Mini homes are rapidly growing in popularity over the last decade with people all over the world joining for a variety of reasons including: "downsizing" their lives, mortgages and home sizes because of environmental concerns, financial concerns and/or just seeking freedom and more time. The small house "craze" centers around counter-cultural ideas of "it is better to live small, than large". Additionally, some benefits of downsizing your large home to a smaller one is that you can keep the quality. This movement isn't about sacrifice, rather it is trying to incorporate our modern conveniences with energy efficient technology and a smaller environmental footprint. The builders of these luxury mini homes adopt mantras regarding: "quality shouldn't have to go to the wayside, just because its minimal and simplified. Some of these mini posh homes have more luxury items than a large home!

Recently, luxury amenities found in tiny homes are: high grade faucets and sinks, radiant floors and solar panels for power. Some tiny homes have walls that move and expand when they need more room! There is even a builder based in Oregon that is offering homes with: "in-house speakers, and LED lighting and automated hands-free lighting, voice-activated door locks, automated thermostats, and Bluetooth surround sound controlled via an iPhone or Android." These luxury additions, plus the benefit of cheaper energy costs to heat and cool the place, plus cleaning it ... all add to the list of benefits these little posh homes are rapidly accumulating. Imagine a beach side cabin, identical in luxury as your primary home, but smaller and more energy efficient? Air-conditioning, jacuzzi tub, sleeping 6 - but on a tiny plot next to the sea? Sounds like a lifestyle I could get used to.

But I am not the only one noticing this trend of chic and fancy mini homes. If you click the link below, Forbes life has an impressive article on ultra posh tiny houses. These mini - homes actually maximize both function and style and you never know if this small but posh movement and lifestyle is right for you!

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