Two Tiny Earth House Domes Built for Less Than $7500

Two Tiny Earth House Domes Built for Less Than $7500

Natural plasters have a long vernacular tradition in many cultures around the world. They are re-surging in popularity in some parts of the western world, with the rise of Rammed Earth building techniques.

These Earth Domes featured in the image are each less than 10 square meters and sit in New Zealand. The domes are built using a technique called earth bag construction, where heavy bags are filled with things like rocks, sand and clay, and then compacted down. Lying somewhere between a paint and a plaster, clay finish is a ready made product that provides an attractive and unusual internal decorative surface. The rough texture finish and subtle natural tints of the product are quite unique, and it has the advantage that both the final texture and color are applied in a single time saving operation.

Clay finish is produced in white and four basic colors and can be blended to give you a broad palette of colors to choose from. In the images of this home from the link below you will see that these houses are built to expose some of the wood work on the interior. With the contrast of the clay and the wood you will appreciate the coming together of these two grounding experiences. You will also find some adorable windows. As the 'eyes' of the house, windows play an important part in the design of your natural home. Think about the function you want each window to fulfill. One of the main jobs in a tiny home is to ensure that the windows are designed to face the sunny sides and maximize your exposure to natural light and heating that comes with it. This does not mean that the whole walls have to be windows, but you will want to put most of them on the south side. Design on a 12-month plan to take maximum advantage of how the sun changes position in the sky.

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