Turn Your Roof Into A Garden

Turn Your Roof Into A Garden

Are you living in the city? Do you happen to have some flat roof-space? Are fond of gardening activities? Do you want to incorporate nature in your city living? If this is the case, then why not make your spacious roof top greener and full of life? It is absolutely a brilliant idea that you must consider.

Basically, you just need to fill your roof top with enough amount of fertile soil. Make sure that the soil is placed in a good position. After this, you have to think of the plants that you want to place here. If you love to beautify your rooftop with beautiful flowers, then you can do it for sure. Moreover, you can opt for vegetables. With that being said, you can harvest it when it is ready, having some fresh vegetables available when you want to make a salad or a veggie dish. Tomatoes are really easy to grow. You can also choose to plant herbs. Whatever you decide to grow you will need to check them regularly, water and care for them. It is a very rewarding pastime, working in the garden.

Just in case you do not know, your living proof will help a lot in the proper insulation inside your house. This can even be the perfect habitat for wildlife. If you want to raise birds, then you can let them live there. They are good additions to your roof garden; to make it appear livelier. The best thing about making a roof garden is that you can make use of your own creativity through your creative mind.

Of course there are proper ways to build your roof top garden, to ensure proper drainage, and to stop your plant from actually growing into the building. There are proper ways to do this and if you want to know some more detailed information please visit the 'Instructables' website below for pictures and how to's.

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