Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With This $16,000 Log-Design Masterpiece

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With This $16,000 Log-Design Masterpiece

"For $16,000 this Log Cabin Makes Dreams Come True (Great Floor Plans)," in an appealing log home design with this quality prefabricated kit. If this log cabin is something that you would like to put up for yourself, all you have to do is make your choice and once it arrives you can have it done in no time.

This log cabin is called the Lugarde Rio Cabin and it is built and designed by Simply Log Cabins. This log cabin home is a wonderful place to live and can be used for all sorts of things, from a clubhouse, to a place to have community activities, or also for outdoor or indoor entertainment. These tiny log cabins are also a favorite for use as backyard offices or garden sheds. The quality build of these log cabins is made of quality timber that is durable and that keeps the heat in winter. The log home prefabricated kit has one double door and five casement windows, and one folding door. You'll be happy to know that all the glass used in the log homes is safety glass. Another nice thing is that the log cabin has a platform for which the log cabin sits that is optional, that can be ordered if desired. This log cabin also comes with a veranda that is built in for lots of added character, and the even better thing about the veranda is that it is covered so you can stay dry from the rain or snow.

The little log cabin can be adapted to suit your needs and you can custom design the log cabin if you want more windows or fewer walls inside, all you have to do is talk to the log cabin customer service department and they will set you up.

This particular log cabin is 15 feet by 22 feet in size, which is 352 square feet, a nice size. You have the choice of five colors of felt shingles on the pyramid roof log cabin design if you want. Inside there is a mezzanine floor with a convenient ladder. In the photo log cabin example you can see a cozy bench on the front porch that would be the perfect spot for spending relaxing days just reading, or enjoying your tea, on the lovely veranda with the built in canopy. The design of this log cabin is quite nice.

This log cabin would make a nice space for getting away from the city, a place where you could enjoy some quiet time close to nature. While it might be small it is enough room to stay comfortably. The interior space would allow for an open tiny kitchen space/living/dining space where you could enjoy your time away. You might even opt to put in a couch that also doubles as a bed for a place to sleep while inside.

You could dream while looking at this site as they just have so many log cabin designs to choose from. On the site you will find everything from log cabins to summer houses, gazebo's to sheds, and garages to playhouses. Each design shows just how great these log cabin designs can be, there is sure to be more than one thing you can find on the site to help you with your design and building needs. Have you ever felt that you could use just a little more space in the house? Maybe you just need a little extra room where you can spend some quiet time alone, or perhaps you've been thinking about doing some more gardening, and could use a spot to start your seedlings, and do replanting without having to put away all your supplies everytime. A little log cabin like the one's on this site could just be the thing you are looking for. They have plenty of options for you to consider.

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