Tuin Gustav Log Cabin only $3000

Tuin Gustav Log Cabin only $3000

With so many people making the move to tiny houses and small homes, there is a growing demand for all sorts of tiny house designs, styles and plans to choose form. This "Tuin Gustav Log Cabin," is a simple build at a reasonable price that can be used for full time living, a guest home, a backyard home office, or weekend getaway retreat.

The Gustav log cabin from the company Tuin, has a front canopy, fully glazed doors with two fixed full height windows,and another window opening to the side. The tiny house is constructed with conical tongue and groove logs. The small cabin size is 16 feet by 12.46 feet, for 199 square feet. The height of the small cabin is 9 feet. The fixings, plans and instructions are included in the kits. There are also a range of options available to add on and to customize the log cabin. The high quality Dutch manufactured log cabins are available in untreated slow grown Norwegian pine that has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo. The tiny log cabins are built to provide precision joinery ensuring the longevity of the tiny cabin and ease of build. The interlocking joints create a wind and water tight connection, the windows and doors are fully glazed and pre fitted.

Wood is a natural material that has been used in a variety of construction projects for centuries, known for its sturdiness, elasticity, noise reduction qualities and visual appeal. Wood will swell, shrink, crack and display gnarls and graining. These characteristics of wood make each piece unique, showing the natural characteristics of the tree, this is the beautiful quality of wood, making each piece original. When using wood you will want to ensure that it ages properly, and can do so by painting, staining or protecting the wood.

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