Try Not to Scream with Joy When You See the Location of This Log Cabin

Try Not to Scream with Joy When You See the Location of This Log Cabin

A small log cabin perched cliffside in Montana is the type of photo that dreams made. The log cabin in the photo has views of the surrounding snow-covered mountains at sunset, leaving the viewer with the feeling of wanting to be there too. This log cabin is located just outside of Red Lodge, Montana.The tiny cabin is 840 square feet and is perched on top of a 500-foot cliff that overlooks the wilderness. The log cabin retreat is placed in the perfect spot to enjoy all that the area has to offer. With beautiful views of mountain sunsets and sunrises, and the forest scenery down below. Not visible in this particular photo is a walkout that goes from the lower level of the log cabin, along with an outdoor shower. This log cabin build is made from tamarack logs that have hand-hewn ends. There are lights that are placed along the perimeter of the log cabin property, so you can see at night without walking too close to the high cliff.

There is just no getting away from the majestic views that this log cabin has to offer. Everywhere you look there is something spectacular to see. The 120-mile vistas include five mountain ranges. This spot is a great location to see meteor showers, as there is no ambient light that comes from the city. I can't imagine a better place to look at the stars, let alone a meteor shower! Stunning. There are just so many amazing details for this log cabin, which you might find yourself day dreaming about a log cabin just like it for yourself.

The owner of this beautiful log cabin lives in Red Lodge, so it's a short trip away considered as a 'tiny cabin escape'. The owner uses this log cabin for hiking, hunting, winter snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, randonee skiing and entertaining. If you didn't know, Randonee skiing also known as alpine touring, involves hiking on skis and downhill skiing. The downhill skier ascends a mountain through the use of specialized bindings and special skins on the bottom of their skis. Once skier gets to the top, they remove the skins and enjoy the ride down.This stunning log cabin built in 1996 was off-grid until 2000. The current owner of the log cabin had to run his electrical two miles up the mountain from the property gates in 2006 just to get electricity! That's a long way. The log cabin has a stone ledge chimney that is made from granite that is from western Montana. The wood floor planks inside the log cabin are one and a half inch thick locally milled wood from old growth pine. The fireplace inside the log cabin has a wrought iron hook to use for a cauldron, where the owner is known to make stew.

The main level of the log cabin has a galley kitchen, a dining nook with a shed horn chandelier, a sitting area, and an antique claw foot tub shower in the full bathroom. In the kitchen is an antique icebox, that inside has a modern refrigerator apparatus insert inside. The lower level of the log cabin can sleep four, with a half bath and access to the outdoor seasonal shower. There is also a stackable washer and dryer in the downstairs half bathroom. The interior wall of the log cabin is made of reclaimed barn wood. There is also a loft that has built-in drawers underneath the eaves, and a king-sized bed that is made from antique iron bed materials.

Wouldn't you like to take a look inside of this log cabin? Every detail is just perfect!

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