Tropical Setting + Tiny Home = Paradise

Tropical Setting + Tiny Home = Paradise

This "Tropical Getaway Tiny House" is the dream setting for a tiny house to stay in, and the best part is that this tiny house is a rental, so you can stay here one day! It has a pond. Inside this tropical tiny house you have a queensize bed handmade of local silky oak timber, a private toilet and shower and a deck overlooking the big fishpond. At the side of the tiny house you have a nice covered patio, to keep you out of the sun, or to protect you when it rains.

This rainforest tiny house getaway is a bed and breakfast accommodation and sculpture trail located in the Daintree rainforest of tropical north Queensland, Australia. There are several local farms that specialize in growing exotic fruits from around the world and depending on the season when you visit your breakfast may include mango, chocolate pudding fruit, star apples, rambutans, mangosteens, and more. There is also home made yoghurt available, a locally grown Daintree tea, coffee, toast, a choice of cereals and fruit juices, and Aussie Vegemite.

If you are looking for some tiny house inspiration you will definitely want to take a look at this tiny house site. Its like a bulletin board for tiny houses from all over the world! Some of the interesting and unique tiny homes you will see include Adventurers DIY Vanderlost Sprinter Van, century old school house Now 500 square foot tiny cottage, micro condo loft at hills two one in Singapore, charming Little Blue Cottage, college students build $489 tiny house, Lobster Pod Tiny House, Lobster Pod Tiny House, tiny kitchen storage, top 5 tips on how to organize your small space fast, amazing treehouse micro cabin you can actually live in, transforming furniture a workbed flips from desk to bed, shipping containers used to build a houseboat, 1953 25′ Spartan manor travel trailer for $6000 needs TLC, 484 square foot modern tiny cabin inspired by birds and UFOs, 484 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny Cabin Inspired by Birds and UFOs, Ledo bunk beds for tiny houses murphy bed style and lots more.

These days it seems like everywhere you look you are seeing tiny houses from locations all over the world. It seems more and more people are thinking about tiny homes, and because of that you are seeing a variety of designs, styles and plans available to choose from. In this modern world many of us have become accustomed to living in larger sized homes, when it fact we really don't need as much space as we all think. Tiny house living is a lesson in simplicity and a break away from needing so much, in this consumer driven world we live in. We could all use a bit less stuff, and with that we could save some money and possibly afford to do more of the things we love. There are so many different designs, style, plans and sizes of tiny houses from cob cottages, gingerbread cottages, beach shacks, strawbale houses, tiny houses on wheels, tiny houses, pod homes, dome homes, treehouses, prefabricated houses, log cabins, modular tiny homes, park model homes, yurts, gers, teardrop campers, houseboats, and more.

After taking a look at some of the tiny house designs out there, you might find yourself thinking more and more about them, and all the fun designs that you are sure to see. With so many tiny houses all over the world, there is sure to be a tiny house design to please everyone, whether it is for full time living, or for vacation use.

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