Transparent Solar Panels For Windows ~ Way Cool Idea

Transparent Solar Panels For Windows ~ Way Cool Idea

'Pinterest' is an amazing resources for incredible, creative and fabulous products, like Transparent Solar Panels For Windows - a way cool idea! Imagine taking the glass in every home or business as well as the glass on your smartphone and turning it into a source of energy! With only a 1% efficiency rate, transparent luminescent glass doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference. However once translated into every glass service in a building, smartphone or tablet, the numbers really start to add up! Think about how many window are in your home, it can end up adding a small yet significant amount of energy to your household electrical grid. The efficiency rate can be increased up to as much a 7% if using non transparent luminescent glass.

The study of solar energy began back in 1839 when Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered that certain materials produce small amounts of electric current when exposed to sunlight. The first solar calculator was produced in 1978 and many of us used a solar or a solar battery combo calculator in school. The solar power industry and market continues to grow and expand as the demand for more sustainable and earth friendly products are desired. Imagine being able to replace the big bulky and unsightly solar panels with something so transparent you don't even know it is there! That is exactly what the researchers at Michigan State University are hoping to do.

So while the transparent solar panels for windows are not yet ready for market, they are certainly an intriguing option for harvesting nature's energy. This possibility opens up a huge means to deploy solar energy in a non intrusive way, making solar harvesting more appealing to the masses. What an exciting possibility it is. Imagine all the huge skyscrapers in the world. Now imagine every single one of those windows having a transparent solar panel! That is a lot of solar energy being produced! To view transparent solar panels for windows, visit 'Pinterest' or following the link below.

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