Transform Your Plain Old House into a Fairy-Tale Lodge at Minimum Cost, Right Now

Transform Your Plain Old House into a Fairy-Tale Lodge at Minimum Cost, Right Now

When you think of log homes, you think of homes out in nature, recreational properties and places that have a warm ambiance to them. Check out this Cedar Log Siding Log Home Cabin from Modulog USA. Log homes have been around for quite some time. They are one of North America's favourite ways to build houses and people have been building them even long before European people started to settle on the land. The European people built these types of homes long before they ever set foot on North American soil, and the Native people who lived here in the first place, also made their homes and many other things out of the trees that surrounded them.

So people have a genuine trust in log homes and things built out of logs. But they can be very expensive. So, what if you don't want the cost of building a log cabin, and just want your home to have the look of a log cabin? Then cedar log siding is your answer! At Modulog USA, they have many modular home kits that are able to side your house with the best quality logs there are. Modulog USA has been in the business of cedar log siding for 40 years and they get all of their Western Red Cedar from British Columbia in Canada, where it is grown on a sustainable tree plantation. Then it goes to their factory in Portland, Oregon, to be processed into making the siding kits for people to order.

This is a great option for people who love the home they live in, and just want to change the siding. Either to update the look, or even to provide some extra insulation to their home. You will see how amazing the log siding looks once it is on the preexisting home. It just totally changes the look of the house and makes it look so awesome. The logs just have a way of making the house look so natural. This would also be a great way to have the look of a log home, without having to dish out all of the money it takes to actually built a log home. Even though log homes are some of the most amazing, durable and strong structures of all time, some people just cannot afford to build one from scratch and understandably so.

When you see the houses they have sided with their siding, you wouldn't even know the difference, that it was just siding and not a full on log house! You will be surprised to see all of these awesome houses that look like log homes and cabins, but they are really not. Modulog USA is a great company, you can just see from all of their beautiful testimonials they have received over the years from people who have been so pleased with their product. You can look through all of their awesome photos as well as watch some of their videos on this amazing way to update the look of your house. Once you see how easy it is, you will understand why so many people opt for this! What a great idea!

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