Tour Of An Off Grid Solar Cabin

Tour Of An Off Grid Solar Cabin

Here we are on the "Goods Home Design" website again, because they are just full of great articles and ideas for all your home and gardening needs. If you're interested in getting on the solar panel bandwagon, then you'll benefit from this tour of an off grid solar cabin. Solar panels have been around for quite some time now, and whereas they were once an invention of the future, they've now infiltrated most homes and cities, and have become a staple item of people looking to be more self sufficient. While they can be expensive, over time they will pay for themselves. Also, they are continuing to drop in price as the manufacturing process becomes more efficient and the demand continues to grow.

It's tough to rely on solar power as your one and only source of energy, because naturally, you need the sun in order to enjoy the benefits of it's energy. All it takes is a few days of cloud coverage and you'll be out of luck for your household energy requirements. That's why most people opt to use it in conjunction with other power sources, such as wind mills, generators, or just continuing to be on the grid to name a few.

This man is living the dream in his tiny home, because he has managed to be entirely self reliant and now you can get a video tour of his off grid solar cabin to see how he did it. With a compost toilet, Coleman fridge, wood stove, and rain catchment system, he has everything he needs to live comfortably. More and more people are ditching the big home dream in favor of more simple and financially gratifying options like this.

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