Top 10 Ways Animals Supposedly Predict the Weather

Top 10 Ways Animals Supposedly Predict the Weather

There are so many things that we could learn from animals simply by paying attention to the sounds that they are making and their overall behavior. And, believe it or not, some animals can help humans predict the weather. Right now, we already have the technology to deal with the weather like we are immediately warned by the weather bureau if there is a storm or a hail coming. Thanks to the many advances that we have these days when it comes to gadgets predicting it, we no longer have to make second guesses. But before we came to depend on technology , mankind relied on animals and their behaviors in predicting the weather. Here are some of their ways.

1. The Groundhog and Its Shadow- this is the most famous animal in the history of weather forecastingand a movie was even inspired by it. If you remember Phil the Groundhog from Bill Murrays famous Groundhog Day, then you probably already know what were talking about. But if it is your first time to hear it, according to the locals of Pennsylvania, they wait for Phil for the signs that winter is going to be over. One of the signs is that if Phil finally comes out from his hibernation, which is from a hole in ground to check his shadow; this is an indication that they will just experience 6 six of winter until its finally spring.

2. Cows and the Rain- aside from milk and cheese, cows are also providing information regarding the weather. According to farm experts, cows are relaxed animals until a sign of bad weather emerges. When this happens, they look restless and anxious. They will also lie down in pastures to save a dry space when the rain falls.

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