Top 10 Unusual and Thinnest Houses

Top 10 Unusual and Thinnest Houses

All over the world, houses vary in structure, colors, materials and design. There are those mega large houses that were a big trend for a number of years. There are also tiny houses that are perfect for people making new trending decisions to live more moderatley. In addition, along with traditional, you are finding very unique designs are springing up. Here are some unusual and tall and thin houses.

1. Thin House in Virginia, USA

Its total width on its base is just seven feet. The other name of this house is "The Spite House", and it was built way back in the 1830's.

2. Thin House in Clapham, UK

This particular house is located in London. Living space is 721 square feet with a price tag of 800,000! A luxury price for this space provides a homespace for London inhabitants.

3. Thin House in Osaka, Japan

It is only 9 feet wide. Large portions of this house is made with glass, making it feel more spacious as it provides an open feel. Modern and contemporary, well-designed space from this architect.

4. Thin House in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

This house is only 5 feet wide. Even so, this is not the thinnest house that is included in the list. But in terms of color, this will certainly mesmerize you since it has several colors, which give it an artistic and cheerful appeal.

5. Thin House in Warsaw, Poland

Among the thinnest homes available in the world, this one is actually the thinnest one. It is three feet wide, and the brilliant mind behind it is the Jakub Szczesny. At only three feet in width, you can be sure this will be a bit of a mental challenge to live in.

These are some of the Unusual and Thinnest Houses in the world. In order for you to see some more details and pictures, simply visit The Top 10 of Anything and Everything website below.

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