Top 10 Small Log Cabins #10 Rustic Perfection

Top 10 Small Log Cabins #10 Rustic Perfection

A log cabin is a building whose log structural walls comprised of horizontal or vertical positioned logs. Log buildings have their own particular materials, structure and architectural design that is what makes them unique but still they also have their own deterioration problems.

Log homes were created with just a few basic resources. The pioneers who started log cabins came from Sweden and Finland, they arrived at their new place and decided that they did not need nails or barbs to hold the house, they only use trees and axe to build the log cabins.

Log cabin can finished in few weeks by one man working alone, however if he had help it can be finish faster. Log cabins are usually built facing the south; it is because the door allows the sun to shine into the cabin during the day. That is what makes the log cabin exceptional to any other types of homes.

This historical building regardless if it was built horizontally or vertically, whether they are from the 18th century log cabins or 20th century rustic style cabins, the experience of staying inside these amazing homes is something that money cant buy.

There are also variety of log homes depending on the historical background and influences, to name a few they are the Scandinavian, Finnish, Hispanic, Alaskan, English, Swiss, French, Scotch-Irish and many more. In todays generation, many people are still not familiar with log cabins and the association to colonial American history. Construction builders are now starting to revive the rustic architecture and turning log homes into a resort or stay-in hotels for people who want to experience a peaceful vacation away from the city. Check out the site below to see the top 10 small rustic cabins that inspire your rustic nature.

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