Top 10 Small Log Cabins #1 'Elk Tine' MUST SEE Interior & Floorplans

Top 10 Small Log Cabins #1 'Elk Tine' MUST SEE Interior & Floorplans

With the help of the Internet, availing log cabin kit homes have become easier. There are many to choose from, and the question is if you can truly trust the quality of materials and services that those companies could provide. Keep in mind that you will still spend a decent amount of money for it, so you better pick the one that is worth it. If youre looking for a great cabin kit that is world-class in quality, we recommend having a look at Honkas Elk Tine log home. It is a house designed and created by a known cabin company based in Helsinki, Finland.

The front porch alone of this log home is enticing enough to make you get inside and experience the warmth and coziness that it brings. The living room measures 853 square feet. It has two floors, and both levels measure the same. The first level of the house has an open floor plan that comes with the kitchen, dining area, living room and a bedroom with a full bath and mudroom. The second floor serves as a loft that is good for at least three people.

The company has worked with countless clients for more than five decades now since they started in 1958. They hold the number for having constructed more than 80,000 log cabins under their name and all of their clients are more than satisfied on their quality from the service to the materials they use in building a log home. Right now, Honka remains to be the largest log home manufacturer in the world, which just makes them more reliable and worthy of your trust. A company like them will always make sure that their quality is maintained at par with a world-class standard.

See more details about the Elk Tine log home when you visit the website Standout Cabin Design below.

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