Top 10 Pasta Myths

Top 10 Pasta Myths

Cooking pasta is one of the easiest things to make, or so we are told! So why do you sometimes get a big pot of overcooked mushy pasta? If you love pasta, then you probably have heard a variety of methods on how you should cook it. Let's clear up the mystery. To be free from any pasta cooking myths read on and learn the ten tips for success.

1. The first myth that we want you to be free from is the one that says you must add oil to the water if you want the pasta to not stick together. This is not true, you are only wasting oil. Instead, just be certain you have plenty of water in the pot and give the pasta a good stir in when you fist add it to rapidly boiling water.

2. Another myth is the one that says you dont need too much water when you boil your pasta. This is false as you do need to use 4 to 6 quarts of water for every pound of pasta. There needs to be lots of room for the pasta to move around as it is boiling. Lots of water also dilutes starches that are released giving you the result of optimal taste and texture.

3. If you were told to place the pasta in cold water or that is does not matter is the water is boiling, then rid yourself of that myth. The water must be fully boiling when you add the pasta to the pot.

4. What about draining the water from the pasta? YES, drain it completely BUT save a little of that drained starchy water, as it is a valuable thinner adding just a spoonful or two as you toss the sauce with the pasta before serving. This water also helps the sauce to adhere to the pasta.

5. What about rinsing the pasta? This is not necessary to do unless you are making a cold pasta salad.

There are five more myths that you will no doubt want to know. Visit the 'About Food' website below to read them all.

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