Top 10 Off-Grid Homes

Top 10 Off-Grid Homes

Off-grid homes have become popular hideaways for a lot of people these days. Off-grid houses are capable enough in giving you amazing and worth remembering living experiences while keeping you relaxed every single day. Hence, if you think that you need to have some de-stressing moments, then consider the following off-grid homes:

1. Exbury Egg - As its name suggests, Exbury Egg off-grid house has a shape of an egg and it is a floating kind of home. With that being said, you can say that it is built artistically. Since it has direct contact to water, it is intentionally made to have a waterproof structure.

2. Minim House - The best thing about this off-grid house is the fact that it is quite oriented to latest technologies. With that being said, it is somehow different to several kinds of off-grid homes. It has composting toilet, LED lighting, 960 Watts Solar Panel, and LED projector cinema screen.

3. House Arc - This house is simple to construct and it is affordable enough for you to have. Its shape is quite unique, making it to be attractive in the eyes of many people. If you want, it can also be built with photovoltaic panels.

4. Freedomky House - This one is a prefabricated home that you can avail from its developers. The best about it is it is extremely stylish, making it different from the others. So, if you think that off-grid houses are too old-fashioned, then think again. That is only in the past.

5. Pump House - It is one of those low-cost off-grid houses, but it does not mean that it also appears like a trash. In fact, it is elegant to look at, and it will be a perfect home for you and your family during weekends or vacations.

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