Top 10 Most Expensive Log Cabins in Ski Country Right Now

Top 10 Most Expensive Log Cabins in Ski Country Right Now

It is always fun to get away from your usual working life sometimes and go on a vacation to enjoy the money that you have been working hard for. Why not go on a ski trip this time and experience adventure with your family and friends in the snow. But, of course, it is not enough that you will just stay out there in the cold without a cottage or a cabin to rest in. There are many wonderful areas to go to and places to purchase. The ones we have here are for people that have a lot of money. Want to take a glimpse and dream really big! Here are some of the most expensive cabins that we have gathered, and they might just interest you.

1. 1025 N STARWOOD DRIVE- this cabin can be found in Aspen. In case you are not familiar of this place, this is where you could find the most expensive listing in the United States for a log cabin to work with your ski trip. It has 7 rooms and 13 bath areas. Their asking price is worth $35 million, and that's their final offer. Celebrities and known billionaires were said to hang out in this place. It is so luxurious that this 66-acre property is filled with amenities that you probably have not even heard of. This is what we want to call the cabin of the future.

2. 5000 Royal- this one is located in Utah, specifically in Park City. It is the area's most expensive log cabin because it is worth $34 million. It is all worth it since it comes with 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and it has a dining room that could house 20 people enough for a huge party. This is what we call living the good life.

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