Top 10 Log Furniture #3 The Texas Cedar Table

Top 10 Log Furniture #3 The Texas Cedar Table

Now that the weather is warmer, people are looking for crafts that will better their homes, and the focus is "environmentally friendly" and sustainable material. So many things end up in the landfill or are "disposable".

Thankfully the do-it-yourselfers are bringing back salvaging and with it comes the many different uses for the wooden pallets. These wooden pallets are used in the shipping industry and are usually discarded after one use. They are available at a shipyard or in large quantities by auctions. These wooden pallets are made froma variety of different woods and finishes, and their practical use gives the unique patina that shines through once stained or treated. When using this product the advantages are that: the best part of making a dining table with the pallets are: design, color and shape can easily be adjusted to your personal choice. An easy solution to protect the finishing while cleaning is the top surface can be covered by a thin glass, so cleaning is effortless.

The simple wood pallet medium will never be mass produced. Therefore, no two projects will be identical. Disassembled pallets can be used for shelving or flooring or staircases for a fraction of "luxury" costs. Make a simple wine rack or shoe holder. You can even make a coffee table for your back deck and add rolling wheels or a thin piece of glass on top for easy cleaning. We love re-using and repurposing wooden pallets in green-friendly, sustainable decor and hope you will too. They are cheap and versatile and actually a fun project that is safe for all members of the family.

Everyone needs a little inspiration for creative projects and we get ours from websites like 'The Log Builders' and the link below describing how to build a beautiful cedar wood table, feel free to check it out!

Learn MORE at The Log Builders

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