Top 10 Homes of the Future ... Today

Top 10 Homes of the Future ... Today

If any of you are wondering what could the houses look like in the future, then this is the article for you. First of all, in case you are not aware; we are now living in the future. 2015 is the year where technology is at its peak that even houses are now becoming high-tech. But what does it exactly mean by houses in the future? It is pretty simple because the design and style will say it all. They look futuristic that they are not your typical white picket fenced American home. They dont come cheap as well. Here are some of the futuristic houses that you must check out.

1. 2260 Sunset Plaza- this house is known in Hollywood as the King of the Hill. Located at the Sunset Plaza in Hollywood Hills, this luxurious fortress is made of steel, glass and expensive concrete intended by architect David Lawrence Grey. He is the man responsible for its glamorous design. It is complete with a pool, a guesthouse, 9 bath areas, a gym and even a home theater. The amenities in this house seem to be endless since it has 7 rooms. And it wouldnt belong to the futuristic house category if not for the technology that is built with it. The security of this house is tight that cameras are pretty much everywhere and all its doors are powered electronically.

2. The Safe House- this is different from all the futuristic that you will find because this one looks very simple on the outside. Located in Warsaw, Poland, this house was dubbed as the Safe House and is ideal in case the zombie apocalypse ever happens. It is made of concrete and the security in this place is undeniably tight as well.

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