Top 10 Coolest Log Cabins #2 The Heptagonal Yurt with Turf Roof

Top 10 Coolest Log Cabins #2 The Heptagonal Yurt with Turf Roof

When it comes to Top 10 Coolest Log Cabins, #2, The Heptagonal Yurt with Turf Roof, is one that will win over anyone! This very unique, off the grid yurt, in the country side of Southwestern England is the epitome of quaint, and fairy tale like. It really does look like something you might find if you were wandering the countryside in England, doesn't it? Something that a character in a fairy tale would maybe stumble upon and go in to find a sweet old lady or man living there.

The shape is what is so interesting about it. It is a heptagonal shape, but has more corners and edges than the normal shape of a yurt. It almost looks like it could be a star shape, if it didn't have the flat bit for the door way. The nice cedar shake siding is a very nice and rustic look for the exterior. And the nice green colour of the window trim is a nice match to the natural beauty of the cedar wood. The door is amazing, and a piece of art in its own right. The handle is a piece of whittled wood and the hinges come out to be a decorative detail on the door, wrought iron with some filagree on them, which is so beautiful for this type of cabin. I love the spiral of port holes on the centre of the door too!

It is nice that they put in so many good sized windows, to allow in some nice sun light. They are the perfect size, so that the people who live in the house can have some privacy and yet they have a great view out into the forest, of all the beautiful trees that surround them. It looks like the house even has a living roof, meaning that they have planted some plants on their roof top. There is a ladder leading up there so that they can go check out the plants or maybe even lay up there for a while and bathe in the beauty of the forest.

There are unfortunately no interior photos of this sweet little abode. But you can leave that up to your imagination! I picture it being very gypsy feeling. With lots of fabrics and carpets, a little wood burning stove and some floor pillows. What can you imagine if being like? Head over to Cabin Porn by following the link in the description below for this cabin and more cabins too!

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