Tiny Unique House Plans

Tiny Unique House Plans

North American culture seems to be all about being bigger, faster and better than the rest. Consequently, the size of our houses has vastly increased over the decades. Sprawling mansions have become a status symbol of wealth and success in our society. Once we have the monstrous house, then we need to fill it with furnishings, decor and other items. The house itself becomes a massive job to keep clean and orderly, requiring a team of cleaners and gardeners for it's upkeep. A family living in a huge home needs an intercom system just to be able to find each other. These houses are so big you can literally get lost inside them.

This cultural excess has lead to a shift in thinking, known as the "tiny house movement". Believers advocate for smaller homes, usually under 1000 square feet and sometimes as small as 100 square feet.

Tiny houses offer a number of benefits over their larger counterparts. Having less space means having less stuff. Having less stuff means that the things you do have are the items that are most valued and important to you. Having a smaller house means less housework, less floor space to vacuum, less furniture to dust.

There is no need to hire a cleaner if you live in a tiny house. This saves you money in addition to the massive savings by having a smaller house already. Less money spent on having a big house means less time spent working. Less time spent on household maintenance means more time spent doing the things you love to do with your life. Having a smaller house on your property also means your house has a smaller footprint, leaving you a much larger yard to garden and grow food for your family. In a nutshell, having a smaller house means having more life to live.

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