Tiny Mobile House of the Year!

Tiny Mobile House of the Year!

There are many reason people decide to build tiny houses or small homes, it's always interesting to find out why people go small. The couple who built this "Tiny House with Porch over Hitch of Trailer," built their tiny house before they went on they're bicycling tour, with the intent of living in the tiny house when they returned.

This tiny house with a porch over the hitch of a trailer, is a beautiful tiny house of 260 square feet. The tiny house on wheels is easy to relocate if needed, and has a ground level and sleeping loft over the main living area. The tiny house contains a kitchen and combined living space, bathroom, sleeping loft, small storage loft, and an extended porch. The cathedral ceiling, dormer and open floor plan create a light filled space. The couple posted their tiny house building experience on a blog where they documented the design building process for others to see and learn from.

The great tiny house website the tiny house with porch over hitch of trailer is found on, is an excellent resource for all your tiny house questions and inquiries. Some of the tiny house information you will find on the website includes books, energy, people, RV's, simple living, small houses, and tiny houses. Building and living in a tiny house space is a perfect way to save money and purchase a tiny house outright, without a large mortgage and large house space to fill. Living in a tiny house is a great way to have money in the bank, and have money and time to spend on hobbies and passions, all that extra money in the bank might even allow you to travel a bit more, which for many would be nice.

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