Tiny Log Cabin on 2 Acres for just $40,000

Tiny Log Cabin on 2 Acres for just $40,000

This gorgeous tiny log cabin sits on 2 beautiful acres for just $40, 000, in Linneus, Maine, USA. It's gorgeously built and the surrounding property is absolutely amazing. This rare and unique tiny cabin and acreage is no longer available for sale now, but it can always be fun and inspiring to look at photos of tiny houses like this and other ones as well. With it's very well constructed exterior and beautifully designed interior, it's no wonder this tiny house has been scooped up by someone already. For the small price of only $40, 000 this house would be the perfect starter house, or a wonderful retirement house for people who just want to live the simple life. Kicking back and relaxing on two acres of beautiful land would be the best feeling in the world. More people are leaning toward having a life like this, simple, and free from stress. When you choose to live in a smaller home, you are choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle, one that is easy to pay for over a lifestyle that is made up of constant struggle. In our day and age it is important to see the things that really matter, like having a nice, safe and comfortable place to live, family and friends and good nutritious food to eat. This is all of the things that can be achieved when living in a smaller abode.

Imagine living in your own tiny cabin on beautiful property. That dream could be yours if you choose to build an amazing tiny house like this one! This tiny house's size is 200 square feet in total making it smaller than your typical bachelor suite in the city. But at a price of $40,000 how could you go wrong when building something like this? That is the total of the equivalent of two years of paying rent practically. You don't even have to live that small for the rest of your life, one can always buy a piece of land, and build a tiny house on it to live in while building a larger house. This tiny home may not look like much but it does have one bedroom, a living room area, a kitchen and a bathroom all within the 200 square feet of space. There are tiny homes that are even smaller than this one, where there is only 100 or even 60 square feet of space. These tiny homes are mostly on a trailer on wheels so that they can be moved around like a caravan of sorts. This is great for people who have to travel a lot for their jobs. They can avoid having to stay in dingy old hotel rooms and always have their home with them wherever they go!

The other beautiful thing about this tiny home, is that it is build from sturdy, durable logs. Logs are such an amazing building material, but as you may already know, they can be quite expensive. So building a smaller house with logs could be a way to go if you are set on having a log house but can't afford to build a huge log mansion. The exterior of the little tiny house is so sweet, it definitely has the cabin in the woods look going for it. With the perfectly stacked logs and the lovely little porch on the front of the home, a place like this would be a pleasure to call home. You can see that there is an additional level to the house as well, a loft area where the bedroom most likely would be. This creates more space in the tiny home, and some nice privacy for the bedroom. What do you think about this tiny abode? Could you ever live in one like this home?

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