Tiny Houses on Tiny Islands

Tiny Houses on Tiny Islands

Who hasn't wanted to have their own castle by the sea? Well, if every man's home is his castle and your lucky enough to live on the Thousand Islands, your wish has already come true. Located on Lake Ontario, these islands number well over 1,000 and range from big islands miles wide to tiny islands that are said to be just big enough to place a small house on, and little else.

As a kid growing up, I wanted nothing better than to claim my own island and build a clubhouse on it. Islands are one of the few remaining untouched pieces of land that exist around us today; they've been getting along for thousands of years without any human presence. I wanted to be the first to claim an island and feel like a pirate or adventurer living in an entirely different new world.

However, the untouched land that islands offer is only one if its benefits. For one thing, you can only be reached by boat, so no unwanted guests could find you, and for another you feel like a brave explorer on a beautiful yet unknown frontier. The sheer beauty of the area is mesmerizing and makes most anyone who visits not want to leave. It is also very romantic, as you and your loved one feel like you are transported far away from everyone else to be alone together on your very own island paradise with no distractions. The cherished idea of having your very own island to yourself from which to soak up sun, swim and boat in privacy speaks to the feelings of safety and peacefulness that an island home can give you. You can even rent one of these beautiful vacation homes in order to capture that experience while keeping it within your budget.

Now it's your turn to marvel at the beauty of these incredible Thousand Islands and the uniquely gorgeous houses built on them! Please click the link below to visit the Tiny House Blog website and see these incredible island homes for yourself.

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