Tiny Houses: Living Large in a Small Space

Tiny Houses: Living Large in a Small Space

Some people might think that living in a tiny home means that you can't have all of the comforts of a conventional sized home, but that does not have to be the case at all! This great article Tiny Houses: Living Large in a Small Space, shows how awesome it can be to live in a tiny home and still have all of the comforts of a regular home. The 11 photos in the slide show go through different homes just to show people how living in a tiny home can feel so spacious and open if you actually decorate and plan the space out according to your own specific needs.

There are many large conventional homes that have poor planning and are less efficient than even the tiniest of homes. When you live small, you have everything close by so you don't have to run all over your house just to find things all the time. If the house, like these homes in the slide show, is planned well enough, you will have plenty of room for storage, and for displaying the art work and memorabilia that you love and want in your home. The shipping container home pictured in the photo with this article is really cool looking and well planned out too. The photo that shows the woman in the kitchen, shows that it does in fact have tons of room to make a meal and move around freely, probably with more than one person in there too.

Some larger kitchens feel small because they are poorly planned out. As you will see in the photos, planning is everything, and minimal stuff is also a big plus, less stuff to collect dust and to pile up on your shelves. Minimalism is where it's at these days! So head over and check out the great photos of these awesome tiny homes at 'DIY Network' by clicking on the link below!

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