Tiny Houses in Paradise! 20 Incredible Vacation Rentals on Airbnb

Tiny Houses in Paradise! 20 Incredible Vacation Rentals on Airbnb

If you think that you might be into living in a tiny house, why not try it out before you make the leap? This is Tiny Houses in Paradise! 20 Incredible Vacation Rentals on Airbnb. Tiny house living is more than just living in a smaller house, its a revolution in how we as humans live our lives. Breaking away from the engrained routines that society forces us to live by and choosing to live a life that is completely your own. No longer a slave to debt, and free to do what makes your heart sing with passion and joy!

These 20 incredible vacation rentals on Airbinb can give you a taste of what it is like to live in a tiny house, without having to just leap into doing it right off the bat. There really are some amazing tiny houses out there and how cool that you can stay in some of the very best? Like the adorable little house in Normandy, France, with the sweet garden and the quaint cottage like home, it would be like stepping back in time! Or how about a cave house in Granada, Spain? Or, if you would lie something a little more modern, you could look into staying in The Chinese Boat in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, and you could get a taste of living on a house boat at the same time!

The tiny house that caught my eye, was the Pyramid Cabin in Argentina, it just looks so inviting and interesting! I really like all the pyramid designed ones. As well as the Bow Top Roma Wagon in Cornwall England, it would be so fun to feel like a gypsy living in a wagon. All of these are so incredible vacation rentals and are even just inspiring to look at and read about! Head over to 'Yes! Magazine' for more by following the link in the description below!

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