Tiny House Living for Big Rewards

Tiny House Living for Big Rewards

There are many reasons for living or staying in a tiny house, small house, micro house, or tiny cottage, some people choose to downsize from their larger homes, and live a simpler life, while other just want a tiny house to use for their hobbies or even a guest house. "Tiny House Living for Big Rewards," is a great read to learn about the tiny house movement that is quickly gaining in popularity all over the world.This website is an excellent resource for lots of your small home and tiny house living ideas such as design ideas, living room ideas, bedroom ideas, bathroom ideas, furniture ideas, office plans, garden plans and architecture. Small house living is a unique and wonderful way to have a home that not only reflects your personality, but allows more financial freedom with more small home owners purchasing their homes outright, making for a better chance at saving for retirement and more money to do the things you love.

There have never been more small home and tiny home designs, styles and options than there are today, with small home designs to include; Victorian Gingerbread cottages to minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins to modernist models of efficiency, hand crafted cob cottages to factory built prefabs, small vacation homes, converted container homes, beach shacks, tiny houses, small cabins, modular houses, small cottages, small modern and minimalist houses, backyard cottages and laneway houses to name a few. Other small homes might include teardrop campers, sheds, treehouse, van dwellings, gypsy caravans, backyard offices, house trucks, house boats, yurts, dome homes, and log cabins, the list really can go on and on, and amazingly each home is unique in its own right, always a reflection of the owner and the builder.

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