Tiny Home with Beautiful Loft, Kitchen, Bathroom and Shower, Cabinets, Shelves, and More

Tiny Home with Beautiful Loft, Kitchen, Bathroom and Shower, Cabinets, Shelves, and More

Have you been dreaming of living in a tiny house on wheels? Check out this Tiny Home with Beautiful Loft, Kitchen, Bathroom and Shower, Cabinets, Shelves, and More from Sunset Tiny Homes company. It seems like the tiny house movement is picking up speed and more people are curious about living a life in a tiny house on wheels. People are intrigued by these mobile homes and the freedom that they offer. Why do people choose a tiny house on wheels? A tiny house on wheels is a wonderful choice for people who aren't really sure where they want to settle down yet. With a tiny house on wheels the inhabitants are able to just park their tiny house wherever it is allowed and live their lives. So if they want to relocate at any time, they are able to just pick up and go, but the beauty is that they are in the same house. So its great for adventurous people who want a sense of stability but want to move around a lot as well. Imagine being able to live practically anywhere within your country, to be able to try out living in different towns and cities and see where you like the best.

The tiny house movement is also about downsizing and being able to live a life of freedom within our means. Tiny house living makes it possible for people to be able to live comfortably financially while being able to incorporate hobbies and dreams into their lives. When you have to pay less money on rent and utilities, you will have more money left over for fun stuff like traveling and doing things that bring you joy. You could also work less as well. Sunset Tiny Homes is one of the many fabulous companies out there that helps people realize and create their tiny home design dreams. When creating a tiny home design it can be wonderful to have someone helping you out along the way working with you on the design and building the tiny house for you. Some people choose to build their own tiny houses too which can be a lot of work, but it is really very rewarding as well. For Sunset Tiny Homes' most popular tiny home design which is a dormer style cabin, it costs around $30,000 for the fully built unit without the appliances and $36,500 with the appliances. There is also a model that doesn't include the dormers and loft areas for around $20,000 without the appliances and around $30,000 with the appliances.

The homes from Sunset Tiny Homes are beautifully crafted with attention to detain on every part of the home. There is an abundance of storage and space to put clothes and books. The lofts are a great size for sleeping and are accessed by a solid wood ladder. The tiny homes have everything you need in them, a kitchen with plenty of room to make beautiful meals, as well as a bathroom with a great sized shower. Everything is created from solid wood giving it that cozy cabin appeal. The company also offers off grid options like solar panel packages to have off grid energy. The solar kit has 3000 watts of energy which is more than enough to run a household. They also feature a hybrid solar panel generator kit as well as an option for power. This is great for anyone who wants to live off grid and be fully sustainable which is a very eco friendly way to live. Check out more of the photos on the Sunset Tiny Homes website where you can see the interior and exterior of the tiny house on wheels and read more information about what the company has to offer.*

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