Tiny Home + Wheels = Freedom, Independence & Flexibility

Tiny Home + Wheels = Freedom, Independence & Flexibility

There is so much momentum building around the tiny house movement these days and this is inspiring many people to see what tiny house living is all about. Here is a beautiful Tiny House On Wheels Moving To Vancouver Island. Jesse and Kyle, are the owners of this beautiful tiny home on wheels. They built their home from a set of plans that they purchased through tinyhomebuilders.com , which has a plethora of information on how to build tiny houses. They have courses, they sell plans, they even sell trailers and if you don't want to build your tiny house yourself, then you can have them build it for you. They can build just the shell, of the home, leaving the rest for you to finish, or they can build the entire tiny house for you if you like.

Kyle and Jessica have been living in their tiny house on wheels since 2012. They began the building process in the spring of that year, and by the time autumn came rolling around, they were settled in their little humble abode. The house is the perfect representation of a "little house on the prairies" and stands at 13 feet and is 160 square feet. They built their home in Alberta, and started out in Three Hills, Alberta. Just like many tiny homes, their home has a bathroom, with a stand up shower, a composting toilet, and a sink, then it has a small, but functional kitchen with a small convection oven, sink, a cook top and a refrigerator that is at least double the size of a mini hotel refrigerator. The bedroom is the loft that is above the kitchen and has a ladder going up to it. Their home cost them $26,000 total to build themselves, with some help from family and friends along the way.

This post that was made about their home on Tiny house Pins, shows photos of the interior and exterior of their home, and how well organized they have made their space. It even shows their two sweet kitties in their home, who travel along with them wherever they go. Many small windows occupy every wall in the house, providing more than enough light for the home, and they have painted it a nice forest green colour with a vibrant purple door. Jesse writes on her post about how they are looking for a place to park their tiny home on Vancouver Island, they spent the summer in Kamloops, BC and now are moving on in true nomadic style. It had been part of their plan all along to move out to the west coast and give island living a try. They specify their needs in the post, in hopes of finding somewhere they could plant their tiny house for up to a year or maybe more.

They seem to have found a great place to park their tiny home on the island, if you look at their blog about their tiny house adventures. They haven't really posted much since May of 2014 when they were still living on Vancouver Island, so I wonder where they are now! Tiny houses are a great way to live a nomadic life, as you can see from Jesse and Kyle's example. They could even move down to a warmer climate like Mexico for the winter if they wanted. You can check out more about their awesome little tiny house through Tiny House Pins, and even more on their own personal page. They were even interviewed by CBC so you can have a video tour of their home as well. It is always inspiring to see people pursuing their dreams like this and interesting to see how they go about doing it as well.

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