Tiny Home Vacation To Reap Luxury's Sweet Rewards? Heck Yes!

Tiny Home Vacation To Reap Luxury's Sweet Rewards? Heck Yes!

This "Luxurious Small Home" will have you dreaming of a tiny house vacation home of your own. This tiny house vacation home is gorgeous to say the least. The outdoor pool and surrounding patio space are enough to take this tiny house space over the top. This pool is something else, with a diving board, and a patio that has views of the water and loads of boats in the area, there are also lots of lounging outdoor chairs to spend the whole day in paradise.

This tiny house vacation home has an exterior that fits into its beautiful location of trees, water and lots of boats. There are lots of windows and patio doors to let in lots of natural light, to feel like the beach location that it is. Inside is just as stunning with a fresh beachy feeling, with lots of white, wicker furniture and chairs you can sit on with a wet bathing suit. There is an upstairs sleeping loft with access by a ladder, a great fun carpet, white kitchen with modern appliances, and you get the sense that this space is a fun place to stay, with beach balls and lots of towel casually laying around inside. You want to take a look at this great tiny house design, there are lots of photos on the site.

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It seems these days that the tiny house gems are popping up all over the place, from the internet, to tiny house vacations, television shows and magazine articles. It looks as though tiny houses are here to stay, and quite honestly they have been around for longer than we realize. Did you know tiny houses have been around for thousands of years? From traditional teepees, yurts or ger nomadic homes, tiny log cabins, beach shacks or cob cottages, people from around the world have been living in tiny houses since the beginning of time. We just didn't always call them tiny houses. With that said today more than ever you can find a wide variety of tiny house designs, styles, plans and sizes, from rustic to modern, to tiny houses on wheels and available in prefab modules, there have never been as many tiny house choices than there are today, and that's good news. Good news because it means that home ownership is possible no matter what your income is, with so many tiny houses out there, hopefully it means that one day everyone will have a home.

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