Tiny Home Inspired by Traditional Japanese Architecture Has Unique Advantages

Tiny Home Inspired by Traditional Japanese Architecture Has Unique Advantages

Simplifying things is becoming more and more popular these days, with many people switching and downsizing to small homes and tiny homes, and with good reason, by reducing all the stuff we have and moving into a small house or tiny cabin we can live a more sustainable life, and cut down our costs. This "Tiny Home Inspired by Traditional Japanese Architecture," is a perfect example, of how downsizing doesn't mean going without good design.

This 280 square foot tiny house in Aurora, Oregon is inspired by Japanese houses, its simple lines and sliding screen entrance is reminiscent of Japanese sliding screens. This tiny home is 15 feet high, with a good sized living room, kitchen space and dining area, bathroom, and cozy sleeping area. It's a beautiful space and tiny home design, showing that sustainability starts at home, by living more simply you can have more freedom to do the things you enjoy, such as hobbies, passions and traveling, without sinking all your money into a large mortgage, and stuff to fill a large home. A tiny house with good storage and organization, holds just the necessities of what you need, and not a bunch of extra stuff.

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