Tiny Home Builders Workshop: Alpharetta Georgia

Tiny Home Builders Workshop: Alpharetta Georgia

If you want to build a tiny house you might want to keep your eyes open for a great workshop like this Tiny Home Builders Workshop in Alpharetta Georgia to get, you started on the path toward your dreams! This workshop was back in 2013, but I am sure there are others like it and maybe even more happening now! This particular tiny house workshop was held in a warehouse in Georgia, just 30 minutes out of Atlanta, by the tiny house construction guru, Dan Louche. If you have never heard of him and his work, you should totally check out this link for more links to lead you to more information about him and the projects and books he has out.

This workshop seems like it would have been packed full with tiny home building knowledge and full of inspiration for the future tiny house builder. They covered a wide spectrum of topics throughout the weekend like how to build and design tiny homes, what kind of trailer to buy and how to find quality materials to build. They also got into some hands-on work like framing, doing the plumbing and electricity, and insulation. Also, even get to tour a tiny house and learn right there, all about it! What an amazing workshop it sounds like! This is a great way to connect with other like minded individuals that would like to build tiny homes of their own or for other people.

There are more workshops coming up with Dan Louche, in September of this year, so if you want to join, you should really consider booking it sooner than later. The past workshop only cost $399 for the whole weekend, which is a great deal for a very useful class that one would take away a lot of amazing information from. Information that can be put to practical use in the building of your own home! Its always a great idea to invest in practical skill advancing workshops and classes like this, you are never losing anything and always gain something from it. Plus you can meet others who share similar interests as you and feel connected to the tiny house movement.

I have been to an off-grid workshop before, and I loved it! It was really informative and gave me answers to a lot of the questions I had been wondering about. Head over to Tiny House Talk by following the link in the description below for more!

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